I Got Filipino Dreadlocks & I LOVE THEM!

swag kareem on the set

OMG! I Got Filipino Dreadlocks & Love Them!

I love my new dreadslocks! I went to the Philippines, and decided to have a Pinoy Dreadman hook me up with some non-synyhetic, real-human hair, hand-made, Filipino custom made dreadlocks.

Plus! The SWAGlicious PRO Products I use to keep the soft and healthy with no scalp itch. Like, SWAGs Keratin Hot Oil, Keratin Clarifying Shampoo, Keratin Maitenance Shampoo & Conditoner, their Argon Oil Serum, Canadian Almond Oil Hair Mask and even my Primobella face cream from Dr. Jaimee!

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